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Whiteslate LMS Features

Some of the notable features of Whiteslate LMS include:-

Live Collaboration:-
1. Live Audio and Video conferences for unlimited users.
2. No Time Limit on the duration of calls.
3. Live Whiteboard - with multi-user support.
4. Live Chat and Shared Notes Capabilities.
5. Support for Video and Native Streaming.
6. Presentation Board for Powerpoint and PDF documents.
7. Live Screen share.
8. Support for Stylus and Tablets.
9. Teacher controlled break out rooms for collaboration among participants.
10. Support for Polls, Quizzes, Feedback etc.

Learning Management System
1. Path based learning programs and cohorts.
2. SCORM Compliant.
3. Enrollment tracking and attendance tracking.
4. Support for online course material, online testing etc.
5. Support for a rich variety of static and multimedia content.
6. Principal, Teacher, Student and Parent Views.
7. Support for Staff room or rooms and Parent Teacher council interactions.


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